Adjustable Pixiu Mani Mantra Ring

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This Pixiu Mani Mantra Ring is perfectly designed to match your comfort since it is adjustable. It is made from brass and glazed with gold and silver, stunning your eyes! Mantras are also engraved on the ring’s body, bringing you protection and luck, especially if partnered with PiXiu, the bringer of wealth luck. It is indeed suited for your day-to-day life.

  • Material: Gold and silver plated, brass

Not suitable for the Year of The Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, and Dog


  1. Marla Cruz

    Super ganda at past delivery at khit hindi ka mag request ng freebies kusa silang nag ibibigay.god bless kapakbet🙂

    • pakbetadmin

      Maraming Salamat Ka-PakBet Marla.

  2. Odesa Amosig


  3. Odesa Amosig

    Good and elegant

  4. Odesa Amosig

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